Our raw honey is available year around at:

  • Rosauer’s (72nd Avenue)
  • Wray’s Chalet Thriftway (56th & Summitview)
  • Wray’s Meadowbrook Thriftway (72nd & Nob Hill)
  • Deep Sea Deli (9th & Summitview)
  • Puget Consumer Cooperative (Nine PCC stores are located in the Puget Sound Region)
  • Azure Standard (internet/mail order), they buy from us in bulk and bottle it themselves.  The honey is marketed as Raw Yakima Valley Honey.
  • Glesener’s Market (1326 S. Fair Avenue, Yakima)
  • Crossroad’s Market (4621 N. Track Rd., Wapato)
  • Yakima Visitor’s Center (Fair Avenue, across from Target)
  • Gleed Feed (Gleed, WA)
  • Wenas Feed & Rentals (Selah, WA)
  • Mill Creek Natural Foods (4315 Main Street, Union Gap, WA)
  • Vibrant Health Food & Nutrition (1314 Yakima Valley Hwy, Sunnyside, WA)

It is also available seasonally at:

7 Responses to Sales

  1. Rosy Torrico says:

    Do you sell your beeswax?

  2. Taylor Kissinger says:

    Just picked up a Quart at the fruit stand on hwy 12 the 100 Yr old building. I buy honey where ever I visit. I love to support small producers . I will finish up my jar of Tupelo honey and enjoy yours next. Good luck and God Bless

  3. Megan says:

    Are you still selling honey? Please tell me where I can get more!!?
    My Mom was on a road trip and got some of the most beautiful dark honey I have ever seen or tasted. My jar is almost empty and it’s causing me great concern. Please help?

  4. Linda Sohlberg says:

    Best honey ever! I picked some up at a fruit stand on I-90…. but I live on the West side of the mountains! Any chance of mail order? It’s running low…..

  5. Jeannie Miller says:

    I was wondering if you do online public retail of your honey? If not, what about wholesale, do you only do it through wholesale food services?

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